XEROX HQ , V.I, Lagos

Size:   2146 sq.m.
Stage:   Planning

A competition to design the head office for Xerox. The concept for the design took it its cues from the new brand identity and logo. Our aim was to design a building that not just represented the company’s business fabric but also its brand identity without having tostick a big Xerox signboard on the side.

The ground floor is dedicated to accommodating the parking requirements for the building. The upper floor typically provides 200 – 250 sq.m. of net office space.

The look and feel of the building also takes its cues from the Xerox’ss core business links to technology and service of simplifying work process and effective management of content and communication.

The solid is represented by the circulation core which houses all the essential internal building services: lifts & stairs, toilets & cleaners cupboards, kitchenettes and services ducts. The concentration of these facilities within a compactly designed core allows for the rest of the floor plate to be used directly as office space.

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